messless_press_edit-17MessLess, born in Eindhoven (NL). After his birth he moved to Rotterdam, where he came in contact with different cultures and different kind of music. At a young age he started to create a passion for music and in 2009 he started with producing, at the beginning he made a lot of remixes of well known tracks. But not longer after that, he was already producing his own music with his own unique sound.

Beside his personal life and study, his love for music only grew stronger. By producing with other artists he was able to develop himself into the artist he is today. In the years after 2010 he made a lot of tracks that still are being played in some of the biggest clubs: Killing Kuduro, I am famous B*tch (MessLess remix) and also his Bootleg Packs, that he dropped on the internet, are well known.

Not long after, different productions where supported by many DJ’s and he also started to receive some offers to show off his skills and unique sounds in some of the biggest clubs of the Netherlands: Corso (Rotterdam, The Thalia (Rotterdam), Maassilo (Rotterdam), Hotel Arena (Amsterdam), The Sand (Amsterdam), Escape (Amsterdam), Noxx (Belgium).

MessLess is known for his Kuduro bangers and Eclectic sounds combined with a Caribbean touch. It doesn’t matter what crowed he is being presented to, he always knows how to trigger them with sounds like: Urban, Latin, Caribbean, Classics and a variety of House.

Nowadays MessLess is on his way to become one of the biggest names in the scene, combining Urban with Dutch House sounds of today. The plan is to surprise the Netherlands and the world with his unique sounds.

So stay tuned!